Claim: Marbles to be used in voting are too big to fit into the mouth of the drums

Source: Social media

Verdict: TRUE

Researched by Vivian Adams

Voters across the Gambia are casting their ballots today in a Presidential election that includes six(6) contesting candidates. 

More than 960,000 eligible voters are expected to be part of a voting system very unique to the Gambia that includes using marbles to cast your vote by dropping it into iron-made drums (which serve as ballot boxes).

However, there are emerging concerns from some voters online that the marbles being used at some polling stations are too big to fit into the mouth of the iron-made drums.

A popular digital platform, The Fatu Network has mainstreamed the claim in a news article and posted it on the social media platform, Facebook.

Facebook post screenshot



“The mouth of the drums are being widened so the marble can fit. We ordered a lot of new drums that’s why.” The Head of Communications at the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Pa Makan Khan told FactSpace Gambia when contacted.  

According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), the concerns with the iron-made drums were isolated in a handful of polling stations and have been promptly resolved.

“Police officials stationed at the various polling stations were called upon to help make the adjustments,” Pa Makan Khan stated. 



The claim is TRUE.